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Wednesday, September 27, 2017 Club Board Minutes


A meeting of the Board of Directors of the Kaw Valley Bridge Club (“KVBC”) was held on September 27, 2017, at which meeting the Board took the following action and adopted the following resolutions:

Attendance: Present at the meeting were: Grant Sutton, President; Chris Lane, Treasurer; Marc Elster, Secretary; Al Ballard, Member at Large and Brian Donovan (non-board member).

Not present at the meeting: Dave Chipman, Vice President; Jeremy Martin, Member at Large; Joane Nagel, Member at Large; Larry Weatherholt, Member at Large; Ed Howard, Member at Large.

Approval of May 10, 2017 Meeting Minutes

The Board of Directors of KVBC approved the minutes of the meeting held on May 10, 2017.

Treasurer’s Report

The KVBC Treasurer reported that table counts are down significantly this year:

Year                               Paid Players

2014                                    4,345

2015                                    4,726

2016                                    4,543

2017 (YTD)                        2,495

KVBC has sufficient funds in reserve to allow it to continue operating for a time, but it is operating in the red.

Committee Reports

In an attempt to recruit new players to bridge the KVBC appointed Brian Donovan and Marc Elster to attempt to organize bridge classes or a bridge club at the University of Kansas.  Brian will secure information on applying to add a bridge instruction class for credit at KU and share those requirements.  Brian and Marc will also research the possibility and requirements of forming an extracurricular bridge club at KU.

KVBC deferred discussion of teaching in high schools for a later meeting.

Table Fees

In light of the Treasurer’s Report (previous) the Board approved an increase in table fees from $7.00 to $8.00 beginning January 1, 2018.

Bridge Classes

Brian Donovan will begin teaching beginning bridge classes in October or November.  These will be Monday evening lessons for approximately 6 weeks for a charge of $30 per person.  Chris and Brian will work to create a marketing plan and materials to advertise lessons for bridge newcomers, as well as the club.  Several options were discussed but not confirmed.  We did not address payment for the advertising and nothing was approved.

Tuesday Evening Game

Grant Sutton will start a Tuesday evening game at KVBC in November.   We will sanction this game in place of the currently sanctioned Sunday Afternoon game, which will no longer be a sanctioned game unless and until the table count increases sufficiently to require it to be sanctioned.

Mentor Program

KVBC will establish a list of volunteer mentors for new novice players (up to 5 master points).  Sign up will be voluntary and mentors will receive 5 free plays to use while playing with their mentees.  New novice players will be allowed to sign up to play with and learn from mentors.

Christmas Game

The Christmas Game will be a Pot Luck, two session Swiss Team Game on Saturday December 16, 2017.   There will be a silent auction and Ed Howard will be in charge of the auction.

February Tournament

The KVBC discussed the February Tournament briefly.  It was advised that the KVBC had very little to do with the planning of that tournament as that is a Unit responsibility.

Next Meeting

No date was established for the next meeting.


Wednesday, May 10, 2017 Club Board Minutes

Grant Sutton opened the meeting at 4:30 pm. In attendance were Grant Sutton, Dave Chipman, Joane Nagel, Al Ballard and Chris Lane. Absent were Marc Elster, Larry Weatherholt, Ed Howard and Jeremy Martin.

Treasurer’s Report

Chris passed out financial information from 2016 and the first quarter of 2017. The P&L statement shows a gain of $3,478.80 in 2016 which covers most of the loss in 2015. The loss of $4,202.83 in 2015 was largely due to the remodel/redecorating.

The first quarter of 2017 posted a loss of $2,339.12, incurred primarily during the NABC in Kansas City in March when the Club was closed for 10 days.

So, while the Club is overall in the red for the past 27 months, we are still solvent with $10,133.97 in a money market account and $8,747.23 in checking as of 3/31/17.

(NOTE: Items in italics were not specifically discussed at the meeting but are presented here for general information on the Club’s solvency.)

The Board discussed raising table fees to $8 last year and earlier this year, but the issue was tabled until the Board could assess the Club’s financial position at the end of 2016 and after the NABC. We decided to table that discussion again.

We have also experienced declining attendance, a phenomenon common to the entire bridge community. This, too, has contributed to the decline in revenues. We will continue to monitor the financial situation to help ensure our future.

Election of Officers

Grant asked for nominations. Chris nominated Marc Elster for Secretary. It was agreed to leave the serving officers in place. Grant is President, Dave is Vice President, Marc is the Secretary, and Chris is Treasurer.


Dave suggested that we lower annual dues. Chris and Grant pointed out that it was an important part of our income. Joane said that she thought $25 was reasonable and thinks we should leave it alone. The consensus was that dues will remain at $25/year until there is some reason to change that.


Grant said that he and Marc were looking at ways to teach bridge in the schools. Chris pointed out that our earlier efforts did not produce any benefit, likely because the targeted group was Junior High. The kids may have been interested, but had no easy way to continue without transportation. Chris also said that she had asked Shirley Reese to find a contact at Bishop Seabury.

Dave suggested we contact KU about a Bridge Club, similar to a chess club or other interest group. No one was assigned to explore that option.

Phone and Internet

Chris noted that our contract with AT&T expires in June and suggested that with this opportunity we explore adding Internet access at the Club. Initial investigation shows that adding Internet access would increase our monthly phone bill from $75/month to about $90 or $95 before taxes. Discussion continues as more information is gathered.

Special Game

Grant noted that the Election Game was enjoyed by everyone and suggested that we have another event in late August. Tentative plans call for a 2-session Swiss Team game and a pot luck lunch on Saturday August 19th. Save the Date!!

The meeting was adjourned at 5:10 pm. We did not schedule another meeting at this time.

Respectfully submitted by Chris Lane, standing in for Marc Elster, Secretary, who couldn’t be bothered to attend the meeting.


Table Talk


Mary Fenlon has achieved the rank of Ruby Life Master.  Awesome!  Also, Ken Gudenkauf of Topeka made Life Master.  Kudos to both!

So good to have her back…

Welcome back to the bridge table, Yvonne Hedges!

Welcome back to the bridge table, Yvonne Hedges!

Dave, Marc, Melissa, Terrance, Nancy & Vera’s Excellent Adventure

Not surprising, Marc is the center of attention.

Not surprising, Marc is the center of attention.

Dave Chipman and Marc Elster are in Reno, Nevada, for the national Grand National Pairs event.  They are representing District 15 in this event.  We expect to hear something from them, but all we know at the moment is that Dave is in Reno.  Keep checking for updates.  We hope to hear something from Melissa Moore and other Lawrence/Topeka players attending the NABC.  Give us the gossip! (See below photo for update.)

Dave at least has made it to Reno.

Dave at least has made it to Reno.

Vera and Nancy had a 64% game Sunday morning and received 1.98 red points.  Both are ecstatic.  Melissa and Terrance have also garnered some points in earlier games.  Keep it up!  Terrance and Nancy won their event, received a trophy, and had their picture taken.

Guess who also was in Reno?

Craig Huneke in Reno for the NABC.

Craig Huneke in Reno for the NABC.

Table Talk takes on a new meaning

Thanks to Jeremy Martin for finding this fascinating and informative article in “The New Yorker” about cheating in bridge.

Tournament Results

Several KVBC players had a successful sectional tournament.  Results may be seen on the ACBL’s website under “Tournaments.”

Congrats, Shirley!

Shirley Reese went over 1,000 points after winning 2.57 in Sunday’s Swiss Team event.  Way to go!

Big Games!

On Friday, January 15, Jerry Sloan and Dave Chipman had a 75.65% game.  With Steve Vossler and Jim Masilamani’s big game in December, that makes two months in a row that KVBC players will be mentioned in “Big Games” in The Bulletin.  Great games, guys!

Sectional Winners & Happenings

Bennet Goeckner & Rob Bradford claimed a first place in the 199er game.

Bennet Goeckner & Rob Bradford claimed a first place in the 199er game.

Brian Donovan & Vera Dodson winners in the morning 199er. Way to go!

Brian Donovan & Vera Dodson N/S winners in the morning; overall winners in the afternoon 199er. Way to go!

Steve Vossler & Larry Weatherholt. 1st overall Friday afternoon. The Polish Club wins again :)

Steve Vossler & Larry Weatherholt. 1st overall Friday afternoon. The Polish Club wins again 🙂

Lawrence players Jean Khatib & Debbie Bettinger

Lawrence players Jean Khatib & Debbie Bettinger

Marilyn Hardesty and Sara Hoogenakker first place overall in the a.m. 199er

Marilyn Hardesty & Sara Hoogenakker first  overall in the morning 199er

Chuck & Marti Malcome overall winners in the afternoon open pairs.

Chuck & Marti Malcom overall winners in the afternoon open pairs.

Just having fun?

Just having fun?

Concentration, concentration, concentration.

Concentration, concentration, concentration.


Veteran’s Day Salute by Al Ballard





















Had a strange hand or a strange bidding sequence?  Wonder how some pair got to a contract that you and your partner did not?  Heard any bit of gossip at the bridge table you want to share?  Either catch Chris Lane or Jan O’Connor and give them the scoop or email Jan at joconnor812 at (replace the “at” with @).

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