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Election Game Results, April 21, 2018

We have posted the results of the two sessions, but I’m pretty sure the overalls are not correct. If either session shows you winning MPs, you will get something. The good news is it’s likely to be more when we get the overalls worked out.

My Achilles heel with ACBLScore is 2-session pairs games. I have nightmares and cold sweats about them. Grant will likely get it worked out while I’m out over the next couple of weeks, but rest assured, we WILL work it out!!!

My sincerest apologies to everyone who participated in the Election Game on Saturday!

Election Game and Board of Directors for 2018

Good afternoon, everyone! It’s the Day After and while we were tired last night, we had a lot of fun during the day and, as usual, a great lunch!! Results of the game will be posted as soon as possible. Please be patient. Cannot promise a date and time, but it will be done!!

Our membership continues to shrink a bit due to attrition, but 49 people paid dues which is more than we expected. Twenty-nine of those voted in the BoD election either yesterday or by absentee ballot earlier in the month. Joane Nagel provided a great slate of candidates which included incumbents Al Ballard and Larry Weatherholt. The others were Cathy Daicoff, Jan Darting, Brian Donovan and Lynette Forbes. The new Board Members are Brian and Lynette while Al will serve another term. Thanks to all who agreed to run and thanks to the MANY contributions ALL of you make to the Club! Congratulations to the new Board members!

The 2018 Board will consist of Al Ballard, Dave Chipman, Brian Donovan, Marc Elster, Lynette Forbes, Ed Howard, Chris Lane, Joane Nagel, and Grant Sutton. We will meet to elect officers as soon as everyone’s schedule allows, probably in a couple of weeks.

March is Membership Month

Each March we celebrate our club by having six games where extra master points will be awarded.    Membership dues can be paid throughout March and until April 14th.

New board members will be elected at a special two-session championship game with a pot luck lunch on April 14.

The 2017 Holiday Party Was a Stunning Success!!!

Everyone had a GREAT time!! Virginia came and played the entire afternoon with son Rob and son Bill played with Cathy Blumenfeld! Food was outstanding (as always), the game was competitive (as always), and the raffle and silent auction included some wonderful gifts that everyone enjoyed. Santa put in an appearance (as suspected) and everyone left stuffed and ready to kick off the holiday season! Alan Swarts took lots of great pictures which you can view here …

Holiday Party and Game, Fri. Dec. 15

Friday, December 15, 2017 … Unit Championship, Single-Session Pairs … POTLUCK LUNCH at 11:15 (or so) … Silent Auction with Gift Baskets, Restaurant Gift Certificates, Theater Tickets and much, much more! … Raffle with FREE KVBC Games, Games with our BEST players, Baked goods, Holiday stuff and a lot more!! … Open Bar and Grazing all afternoon!
Will Santa be here? Who knows?!?
Big Game, Big Points, Big FUN!!! Everyone welcome, no reservations necessary!

Unit 234 NAP Winners in the C Strata, 2017


Joane Nagel and Mark Elster won their strata in the Unit 234 NAP (North American Pairs) game in Topeka on Saturday November 4, 2017.  Go all the way!  We will be rooting for you!

Learn the world’s Greatest Card Game – Bridge

Kaw Valley Bridge Club will be offering beginning Bridge classes starting Monday, November 6, 2017 and running through December 11th.  The class will be held on Monday evenings from 6-8 at the Kaw Valley Bridge Club, 1025 North 3rd St., Suite 120 (next to the DMV where you renew your driver’s license).  The cost is $30 for 6 two-hour lessons.

You will sharpen your skills of deduction, improve your memory AND be introduced to new friends!  It is a lifelong hobby that will keep you challenged and sharp!

Space is limited!  Reserve your spot TODAY by emailing or contact the club at 785-838-3196 or call the club manager, Chris, at 785-766-0125.

New Tuesday Evening Game @ 6 PM

KVBC is excited to announce a new game!

Beginning Tuesday, November 7th, we will have a sanctioned game in the evening, beginning at 6 PM. Grant Sutton will be the director.

We hope you’ll join us!!!

Tribute to Jan O’Connor – The ‘Jan O’Connor’ Daylily

by Brian Donovan

Jan was such a leading light of the club, and she was especially helpful to beginners like myself. Jan knew I was fanatical about orchids, daylilies, and other flowering plants and, in the months leading up to her death, we had a few discussions about what she wanted planted on her gravesite. I recommended daylilies as an ideal choice because of their hardiness and color. I told her about a cultivar, or hybrid, I had developed that was brilliant orange with a red center and edge. Jan expressed enthusiasm about this plan. I didn’t know at the time that it would be the last conversation I would have with her.

I made the daylily in 2012 by crossing ‘Fooled Me’ (the “pod parent”) with ‘Pat Garrity’ (the “pollen parent”). Both cultivars have a similar look, but ‘Fooled Me’ is a spectacular “grower” and highly floriferous (it produces many flowers). It won the prestigious Stout Award (the Daylily of the Year) in 2005. It’s considered a “dormant” cultivar, which means it’s hardy for our growing zone. ‘Pat Garrity’ is rarer, rounder, and has a richer color, but it produces fewer flowers and it’s “semi-evergreen,” which means it doesn’t grow as quickly or well in colder climates. I hoped to combine the best qualities of both flowers and, surprisingly, it worked. In June 2017, I sent an application and photo of the flower to the American Hemerocallis Society to be considered for inclusion in the official U.S. Daylily Database. They approved the application a month later, and now ‘Jan O’Connor’ is a registered cultivar. It’s impossible to give back all that Jan contributed to our club and to my bridge education, but I thought that naming a daylily after her was a nice way to honor her memory. Assisted by other members of the Thursday morning bridge group, I planted it on her gravesite in July 2017.

Daylily and Hybridization Information for Those Who Are Interested   

Most of us gain awareness of daylilies through either Hemerocallis fulva or the common yellow landscaping cultivar ‘Stella D’Oro,’ but those two plants barely scratch the surface of daylily diversity. Daylilies come in a full rainbow of colors and color combinations, and there’s an entire world of “unusual form” and “spider” daylilies that look nothing like the daylilies you see for sale at the local garden center. Daylilies are ideal for our growing environment and require very little care or gardening skill. Newer state-of-the art hybrids can cost hundreds of dollars (like ‘Spacecoast Rose Queen’ or ‘Black Wolf’), but most can be purchased for less than what you would spend on a grocery store orchid. My favorite retailer is Smokey’s Daylily Garden (affordable prices and over 400 varieties).

I’ve hybridized daylilies for several years. It’s a nice way to extend the daylily hobby beyond the summer, and it is fun to see how different daylilies combine to create unique flowers. It requires no great expertise or botanical knowledge. One simply places the pollen from one flower onto the pistil of another. You can find some excellent advice and information here, here, and here. Good record-keeping is essential, but the most important skills needed for making daylily hybrids are patience and a high tolerance for failure—traits with which all beginning bridge players like myself are fully equipped! It takes two (and usually three) years before your new cultivar shows its face, and a lot can go wrong in the meantime. Rain or extreme heat can prevent pollination, seed pods can rot on the stalk before the seeds fully mature, sometimes the seeds are sterile, and sometimes seedlings die off before you can plant them. Even if I can bring my new creation to flower, my vision for it often completely falls short of my goals and, instead of merging the best qualities of the two parent plants, my new flower manages to combine the parents’ worst features. The ‘Jan O’Connor’ cultivar beat the odds. This is why the plant is special, rare, and a fitting tribute to a wonderful bridge player, friend, and human being.

Back To School Game — Sat, August 19, 2017

Join us for a full day of fun, great food and LOTS of MPs!!

Game starts at 10 AM

Unit Championship

Two-session Swiss Teams, $100 per team

Potluck Lunch

Questions: or call 785-838-3196

The Jan O’Connor Daylily


Our very own Brian Donovan created this new daylily and named it after Jan!  The 9 of us in the picture went out to Jan’s grave on Thursday July 27, 2017 and Brian planted some on each side of her stone marker.   Brian hopes to have some of these lilys available for club members to plant in their yards once he gets more going.  We celebrated Jan by telling stories about her and reciting some of her frequently heard bridge advice…”Aces are made for taking Kings,” “Lead before you do your paperwork,” etc.  Pictured above: Jan Darting, Chris Lane, Melissa Moore, Elle Patton, Brian Donovan, Bill Fleissner, Laurie Bottenfield, Al Ballard and Marc Elster.

NAP Unit Final will be at KVBC on Saturday, October 14.

Mark your calendars….Details TBA.

Back to School Swiss Team Game

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Hey, Gang! We at KVBC had so much fun at the April 19th Election Game, we decided to have another team game to celebrate (or mourn) back to school time!!

On Saturday, August 19, KVBC will host a 2-session Swiss team Unit Championship!! Big MPs!!

The game will start at 10 am sharp. Lunch will be potluck. We’re expecting a good turnout, so no need to cook for a crowd … there should be plenty of great food! (We don’t like to brag, but we think we have the best cooks in Eastern Kansas!) The second session will start after our lunch break. Fee is $25/person. That’s 50+ hands of bridge, great food and a great time!!!

No reservations necessary, but if you need help finding a team let us know! We’ll be happy to help you find some warm bodies.

So grab a few partners and come play on the 19th!! See you then!

Thursday, July 27, 2017 – No Mentor Game

The regular Thursday Mentor game is cancelled that day.  Instead we are going to gather at Jan O’Connors grave site at the Clinton Cemetery to plant special “Jan O’Connor” day lilies, bred by Brian Donovan, on her grave.  Brian will have some available at a later date for anyone who wants to plant some in their yard.  Contact Chris Lane for directions to the cemetery.

Craig Huneke’s Visit, Sunday June 11, 2017

Veni, Vidi, Vici

Well, not exactly. Craig Huneke came to visit and saw a bunch of us, but he and partner Jeremy Martin didn’t exactly conquer.

Started out okay against Klee Zaricky and Chris Lane.
Craig with Klee
Then met a tougher match in Rob Bradford and Bennett Goekner.
Jeremy, Bennett & Rob
At the end of the day, it was the Math Grad Students who conquered!!
Craig, Jeremy, Bennett, Rob
Ann and Peter Thompson dropped by about 4 PM with wine to celebrate Craig’s visit. Thanks, Ann and Peter!!!
Craig, it was GREAT to see you!! Rob and Bennett, CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Reminder for Sunday June 11, 2017:

Our old buddy, aka traitor, Craig Huneke, will be in Lawrence and playing bridge at the Club with Jeremy Martin, on Sunday June 11th. Join us to welcome Craig home and remind him what he’s missing!! Let’s give him a KVBC welcome and thrashing!!


Jeremy Martin just told us that Craig Huneke, Rosenblum Professor of Mathmatics at the University of Virginia and KVBC deserter, is paying us a visit on Sunday, June 11, 2017!!  Let’s have a big game and a welcome home party!  Contract Chris to help plan the festivities.

Saturday April 15th, 10 A.M.

The Club’s Anniversary game will be Saturday April 15 starting at 10 AM.  It will be a Swiss Team event so grab your team and come join the fun.  Bring your favorite potluck item to share … as we all know, KVBC members are the best cooks around. Also, we will be holding club board elections.  If you cannot make it to the game, please pick up an absentee ballot from Chris.

Nationals in KC, March 9 – 19, 2017

Jim Urich, the Volunteer Coordinator for the National tournament in KC in March is soliciting volunteers.  Many volunteers will be needed and it is hoped that players from all of the clubs in the KC area will participate.  There is a position for everyone and anyone.  If you can volunteer, please either call, text or e-mail Jim at 913-526-8257, or  Volunteers are needed for registration, information, partnership and awards desks.  For organizational purposes, he needs this information as soon as possible.  Please send him your:

  • Name
  • Phone number, preferably cell
  • Days you will be attending
  • Times of day you can volunteer: morning/afternoon/evening

He will be in touch with you a few days ahead of time.

Parking information for Nationals:

Parking Information

Save the Date:

The Club’s Anniversary game will be Saturday April 15 starting at 10 AM.  We will have a potluck lunch and we will be holding  club board elections.


Jan O’Connor’s daughter, Shannon, sent these beautiful tulips to the club along with the message:  “Thinking of all of you.  Thanks for such good memories.”  Thank you Shannon.  We all miss your Mom too.

Free State Winter Sectional Tournament, February 3 – 5, 2017

Plan to join us for the Free State Winter Sectional Tournament.  Friday and Saturday there are 299er and open games at 10 AM and 2:30 PM.  Sunday the Swiss Team game starts at 10 AM.

Ice Storm, January 13-15

We have decided to err on the side of caution and close the club until the game on Monday afternoon.

Friday Game Time Returns to 12:30 in 2017

Delaying the Friday game to allow Topeka players time to get to Lawrence after Topeka’s morning game has not resulted in many Topeka players joining us.  As  result, we will return the start time for the Friday games to 12:30 beginning Friday January 6th.

Holiday Party 2016

Please plan to join us on December 16th for a fabulous pot luck lunch, an afternoon of bridge for a special holiday celebration.

Annual Instant Matchpoint Game Friday Oct. 14, 2016

The Annual Instant Matchpoint Game is the ONLY chance to win GOLD points at your local bridge club!!

KVBC will run an Instant Matchpoint Game next Friday, October 14, 2016 at 1:00 pm.

So line up a partner and plan to play bridge that afternoon and compete with all the players in District 15 and in the entire ACBL … all 160,000 plus of them. Just so you know, a few years ago, our own Pete Petillo and Brian Barrett from KVBC won at the District level. BIG awards!!!!!  Note:  The game fee will be $15 per person in accordance with the increased ACBL fees for running the game.

Friday Game Start Time Changed to 1 PM

Starting Friday, September 23, 2016 the game will begin at 1:00 PM instead of 12:30.  Several Topeka players have requested this change so that they can play in Topeka in the morning and in Lawrence in the afternoon.  We will try this for several weeks and see how it works.

Unit Board Election Results

 July 23, 2016

Congratulations to our newly elected unit board members Chris Lane, Jim Masilamani and Jason Smith.  We appreciate your willingness to serve.

Website news

Jan O’Connor has been in charge of managing the club’s website since its inception.  Because of her health problems and her resignation from the KVBC board, Melissa Moore will take over immediately as webmaster.  We hope you will give Melissa ideas for stories and show some patience as she learns the ins and outs of running the website.  Good luck, Melissa!

New Board Member

With the resignation of Jan O’Connor as a member and secretary of the Kaw Valley Bridge Club Board of Directors, Joane Nagel was elected by the board to fulfill Jan’s unexpired term.  The new secretary will be selected at the next board meeting.

Joane Nagel, new board member.

Joane Nagel, new board member.

Unit Election Game

You are cordially invited to play in this 2-session pairs game, Unit Championship, on Saturday, July 23rd at Kaw Valley Bridge Club.

The game will start promptly at 10 am and will be over by around 4 pm. Lunch is pot luck and the fee is $10/person/session or $20 for the day. Lunch and the Unit Board Election will occur around 12:30.

Please, if you plan to bring food, bring only enough for about 6 people, otherwise, we are swimming in leftovers. We love your food but hate to waste it!! Coffee, pop and water will be provided.

No reservations are necessary, but please show up at least 15 minutes before game time!! Thanks and hope to see you all on the 23rd!!

NAP and Stac Games

As you all know, the ACBL charges us extra fees for the games that pay extra points.  The last time we had these games we instituted a $10 fee.  That will continue, and we wish you all success in getting those valued points.

Minutes of the 4/13/16 KVBC Board of Directors Meeting

Minutes approved electronically on 4/14/16

The Kaw Valley Board of Directors met on Wednesday, April 13, 2016, following the afternoon game.  Present were Al Ballard, Dave Chipman, Chris Lane, Jan O’Connor, Grant Sutton, and Larry Weatherholt.

The board welcomed new board member Larry Weatherholt and two returning directors, Grant Sutton and Ed Howard.

The main agenda item was the election of officers for the coming year.  The following were elected:
President, Grant Sutton
Vice-President, Dave Chipman
Secretary, Jan O’Connor
Treasurer, Chris Lane

KVBC will not participate in any events for ACBL sponsored The Longest Day in support of The Alzheimer’s Association because Unit 234 hosts a regional tournament beginning on June 21, 2016.

Grant and Dave reported on the Friday night bridge night where there are usually three or four tables of individuals who want to play in a non-sanctioned, casual setting.

A brief discussion was held about the need for a night game.  Since there is no immediate push for such a game, discussion of this topic was tabled for the future.

The board will next meet on Wednesday, August 10, 2016 following the afternoon game.

Meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted
Jan O’Connor

KVBC Board Election Results

At the Anniversary Swiss Team game on Saturday, April 9th, Ed Howard, Grant Sutton and Larry Weatherholt were elected to three year terms on the KVBC Board of Directors.  It was a very close election with those three barely eking out their selection over Brian Donovan and Joane Nagel.  Congratulations, and welcome to the Board.

The new board members will join current board members (Al Ballard, Dave Chipman, Chris Lane, Jeremy Martin, Jan O’Connor and Paula Schumacher) at the next Board meeting scheduled for Wednesday, April 13, 2016 following the afternoon game.

Minutes of the February KVBC Board of Directors Meeting

The KVBC Board of Directors met on Wednesday, February 3, 2016. In attendance were Grant Sutton, Al Ballard, Chris Lane, Dave Chipman, Jeremy Martin and Jan O’Connor.

President Grant Sutton called the meeting to order. The minutes of the previous meeting had been approved electronically and posted on the club’s website.

Treasurer Chris Lane reported that income for the 2015 year was $34,671.27. Expenses totaled $38,756,89 (a negative balance of $4,985.62). Chris noted that two untypical expenses in 2015 (approximately $4,000 for carpet and paint and $1,000 contribution to the Douglas County Senior Citizens Center in honor of Eldon Herd) accounted for that negative balance. The club, however, has sufficient funds in CDs and savings to assure that the club will continue to be financially viable.

Dave Chipman is chairing the nominating committee. Three KVBC board member terms are expiring: Grant Sutton, Elle Patton, and Ed Howard.

Grant and Ed have indicated a willingness to run again. Dave will have a full slate of candidates by the last week of February.

The annual election game will be held on Saturday, April 9.
The possibility of raising table fees was tabled for future consideration.

Some concern was expressed that it appeared the table count had gone down during the past year. Chris reported that in 2015 we had a table count of 4,346 and in 2015 that count was up to 4,726.

Since The Longest Day fundraiser for the Alzheimer’s Association occurs this year during the Unit’s regional tournament, the board recommended that the Unit be responsible for finding ways during the tournament to raise funds for the Alzheimer’s Association.

The consensus of the board was that having additional 199er games was laudable, but the organization of such games should be spearheaded by 199er themselves. Grant, Chris, Jan and Dave all expressed their willingness to help with such a venture, but not to lead.

The next board meeting will be April 13, 2016 following the afternoon game. Meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted, Jan O’Connor Secretary

Fee Increase for STaC Games

District 15 has raised the fee for all STaC games to support the nationals in KC in 2017.  We will be charging $9 per person to cover this additional fee.  The good news, however, is that STaC games pay extra masterpoints.

Game Fees

Besides the regular table fees we are obligated to pay to the ACBL to offer masterpoints, the ACBL charges extra fees for special games.  Please be aware that when the calendar shows a special game:  STaC, NAP or Unit championship, an additional fee will be collected.  The KVBC Board of Directors knows we have to keep KVBC afloat and running as a business, thus the need to charge additional fees at times.  In order not to be surprised when you come to play a game, check the posted monthly calendar for special games.

Another Holiday Success

Click the following link to peruse all the pictures from our party:  www.

Note: Also includes photos of previous club events.  Holiday Party photos on pages 1 and 2.

No one can ever say that bridge players don’t know how to throw great parties.  The annual holiday party last Friday (Dec. 11) was jam-packed with food (no calorie counters were allowed), a variety of raffle items (who knows whether Virginia’s toffee or the games with Steve, Dave, Larry, and Ed were the favorites), exquisite silent auction items (a special bag, KU basketball tickets, a spa basket, jewelry basket –to name just a few), and an enviable array of wine and beer, and — just to top it off — good bridge.

Photos of the occasion will be posted soon (thanks, Alan Swarts).  But we can report that between the silent auction and the raffle, we raised $900 for the club.  Way to go, bridge players!

Thanks to all who contributed.  It was a super way to celebrate the holiday.

KVBC Board of Directors – Minutes – November 11, 2015

President Grant Sutton called the meeting of the Kaw Valley Bridge Club board of directors to order.  In attendance were Grant Sutton, Chris Lane, Dave Chipman, Al Ballard, Elle Patton, Jan O’Connor and Jeremy Martin.

The minutes of the last meeting had been electronically approved.

Treasurer Chris Lane reported the club has total assets of approximately $20,000.  Income between January 1, 2015 and September 30, 2015 totaled $26.727.22.  Paid out during the same period was $30,312.78 (includes $3894.30 for the remodel).

The Holiday Party is scheduled for Friday, December 11.  Potluck will commence at 11:30.  The game will be a STaC game.  Elle Patton will chair a committee to coordinate the raffle, silent auction and other entertainment. The tree will be put up and decorated the Sunday after Thanksgiving.

Chris and Jan reported that while the initial 299er game was very successful, the subsequent planned games ran into scheduling problems.  Jan will look into possible future dates beginning next March.

KVBC made a $1,000 memorial contribution to the Douglas County Senior Center in honor of Eldon Herd.  Once again, Eldon’s contributions to bridge in Lawrence were lauded.

Three positions on the KVBC board will be vacant in 2016.  Chris will let us know the three people whose terms are ending and Dave will chair a nominating committee with a recommendation to get at least five people to run for the board.

Addition:  The three board members whose terms expire are Grant, Elle & Ed.

Jan brought the idea of having a two-section game at some point with one section made up of only players with fewer than 100 points and the other section made up of players with over 100 points.  Boards would be duplicated so a discussion of the hands could take place following the game. Dave expressed concern that we could actually get at least six tables of each group.  Jan will post a sheet at the club for people to indicate their interest in such a game.

Grant suggested we develop a list of those people who rarely play and make an effort to invite them to play.  He will forward to Chris a short list of people he knows of who have not played in a while.

Meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted
Jan O’Connor

KVBC remembers Eldon

As one of the founders of duplicate bridge in Lawrence and a long-time player, director, and board member, Kaw Valley Bridge Club will be donating $1,000.00 in Eldon’s name to the Douglas County Senior Citizens Center.  We will all miss Eldon and are pleased to make the donation in his name to another group influenced by Eldon.

Photos from Eldon’s Memorial at KVBC may be viewed at:

“Bridge is good for the brain.” — AARP <>

May 6, 2015 KVBC Board of Directors Minutes

KVBC Minutes, May 6, 2015

Success for 199 & 299ers at Tournament




This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Minutes of the 8/25/14 Board Meeting

The meeting of the KVBC board was called to order by President Grant Sutton.  Attending were Grant Sutton, Ed Howard, Chris Lane, Al Ballard, Mary Locniskar, Dave Chipman, and Jan O’Connor

The minutes of the last meeting had been approved electronically, and the treasurer’s report was delayed until the next meeting.

The major focus of the meeting was to discuss beginning bridge lessons.  Chris Lane reported that Christi Thomas-Collier, a long-time bridge teacher at Johnson County Community College and an ACBL certified instructor, had proposed offering bridge lessons at KVBC starting in September.  Her classes would be held on Tuesday nights and would run from September 30 to November 18.  Each class would be about 2 hours long.  She would need at least 7 or 8 students, but could handle up to 32.  She uses Audrey Grant’s book “Bidding for the 21st Century — Club,” and the student’s fee of $30 would cover both the lessons and the book.  Chris will email additional information about Thomas-Collier and her classes to the board members.  The lessons would be promoted through the UDK, coffeehouses, retirement centers, and schools. The board would electronically vote to either proceed with these lessons or not by emailing Secretary Jan O’Connor at

Grant Sutton and Dave Chipman reported on the Friday night non-sanctioned bridge games that were started a month ago were growing and attendees seemed to be having fun.  The attendance has been anywhere from two to five tables.  The hope is that the attendance will grow and stabilize now that school is in session.  The board agreed to continue this venture.

Jan O’Connor announced that the next 299er game will be held at KVBC on Saturday, November 1, 2014.  Like the first two, this one will also be a two-session event and pay silver points.  She also reported that the next Top-Law Challenge game will be Thursday, September 10, 2014.

Meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted

Jan O’Connor


Other bridge websites you might want to check out are:


The Longest Day

Photos from “The Longest Day.”




The Longest Day at Johnny’s —

What could be better than bridge and beer???




Minutes of the 6/11/14 KVBC Board

6/11/14 Minutes

Minutes of the 5/7/14 KVBC Board Meeting

KVBC Board Minutes

Minutes of the 4/23/14 KVBC Board Meeting

KVBC Minutes 4:23:14

Minutes of the 2/12/14 KVBC Board Meeting

KVBC Minutes 2:12:14


The small Sunday game is generally cancelled after a major Friday and/or Saturday game at the club like it was on Dec. 15 following the holiday party on Dec. 13.  A good idea is to check with Chris or Jan before heading out to the club on those Sundays.

If you have news you want to share, email joconnor812 at  Replace the ‘at” with @.  By listing my personal email this way I can minimize the spam I receive 🙂


  1. Great job, Jan!!! Thanks so much!

  2. mona bell permalink

    I enjoy the club news.

    • Thanks, Mona. Please make sure you let me know when there is something that club members ought to know.

  3. Klee Zaricky permalink

    Great job Jan!!!! Thank you

  4. lois clark permalink

    In the third paragraph of “scoring errors” I would suggest that a challenge be allowed up to 24 hours after results are posted on the website rather than after the end of the game.

  5. Jdough permalink

    Will the 299 game results be posted?

    • Yes, Chris had trouble with ACBL Score and is working on getting the results. Hopefully we’ll have them by tomorrow after consulting with ACBL Score tech support. Thanks for your patience and for participating.

  6. Rich Bryan permalink


    Great job on getting the link to The Sunflower Summer Regional results posted so quickly.
    It’s really nice to see the hand records too.


    • THe ACBL does make it easy. Wish we could afford the machine that can make and then keep hand records. Thanks for your comment.

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